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The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug preview
The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug(2013)PG-13Action
Thorin Oakenshield and his mighty band of dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf, continue their crusade to reclaim Erebor from the dragon Smaug in this fantasy that picks up where the events of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" left off.Cast: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman
Audience Score: Upright86%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!74%While still slightly hamstrung by "middle chapter" narrative problems and its formidable length, The Desolation of Smaug represents a more confident, exciting second chapter for the Hobbit series.
HD Price: $21.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Frozen preview
Frozen(2013)PGAnimation, Kids
After the kingdom of Arendelle is cast into eternal winter by the powerful Snow Queen Elsa, her sprightly sister Anna teams up with a rough-hewn mountaineer named Kristoff and his trusty reindeer Sven to break the icy spell. Based on "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen.Cast: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel
Audience Score: Upright88%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!89%Beautifully animated, smartly written, and stocked with singalong songs, Frozen adds another worthy entry to the Disney canon.
HD Price: $6.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/3D)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
The Wolf Of Wall Street preview
The Wolf Of Wall Street(2013)RDrama
An ambitious young stockbroker begins a new firm and finds meteoric success by selling penny stocks to the super wealthy. He amasses a fortune through less than legal means, and soon his law-breaking and his massive drug habit collapse his empire.Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill
Audience Score: Upright83%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!77%Funny, self-referential, and irreverent to a fault, The Wolf of Wall Street finds Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio at their most infectiously dynamic.
HD Price: $5.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/All Movies)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues preview
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues(2013)PG-13Comedy
The most trusted, yet cluelessly obnoxious TV newsman in the San Diego market moves to New York along with his crew, including his wife and coanchor, his most trusted reporter, his high-energy sports guy and his exceedingly dim weatherman to launch a brand-new, 24-hour news station.Cast: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell
Audience Score: Spilled58%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!75%It's just as uneven and loosely structured as the first Anchorman -- and while Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues may not be quite as quotable, it's nearly as funny as its predecessor.
HD Price: $5.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/All Movies)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
August: Osage County preview
August: Osage County(2013)RComedy
A dysfunctional family air their dirty laundry as they gather to mourn the loss of their patriarch. Meanwhile, the deceased's widow struggles with mouth cancer and a growing dependency on pain pills. Based on the Tony-winning play.Cast: Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts
Audience Score: Upright70%CriticsScore: Fresh!64%The sheer amount of acting going on in August: Osage County threatens to overwhelm, but when the actors involved are as talented as Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, it's difficult to complain.
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Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Grudge Match preview
Grudge Match(2013)PG-13Comedy
Two retired boxing legends from Pittsburgh head back into the ring to settle a long-standing beef. But their rematch becomes a major event after a video of a fight between them goes viral on the Internet.Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro
Audience Score: Spilled52%CriticsScore: Rotten!30%Grudge Match is sporadically funny but meandering, and its strong cast largely mired in a plot that's overrun with cliches.
HD Price: $20.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
American Hustle preview
American Hustle(2013)RDrama
In this period drama, a con man and his alluring partner are recruited by an FBI agent to infiltrate the treacherous world where New Jersey's politics and the mob intersect. However, it's never quite clear who is the swindler and who is the mark.Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale
Audience Score: Upright76%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!93%Riotously funny and impeccably cast, American Hustle compensates for its flaws with unbridled energy and some of David O. Russell's most irrepressibly vibrant direction.
HD Price: $5.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/All Movies)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
47 Ronin preview
47 Ronin(2013)PG-13Action
A "half-breed" warrior assembles a band of wandering samurai to take revenge on the warlord who killed their master, battling powerful witches and fierce mythical creatures on his quest for justice.Cast: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada
Audience Score: Spilled52%CriticsScore: Rotten!13%47 Ronin is a surprisingly dull fantasy adventure, one that leaves its talented international cast stranded within one dimensional roles.
HD Price: $15.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
12 Years A Slave preview
12 Years A Slave(2013)RDrama
Oscar Winner. The true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man in 1800s New York who was kidnapped and forced into slavery on a plantation near New Orleans. Later, he fights for his freedom with the help of a Canadian abolitionist.Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender
Audience Score: Upright91%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!97%It's far from comfortable viewing, but 12 Years a Slave's unflinchingly brutal look at American slavery is also brilliant -- and quite possibly essential -- cinema.
HD Price: $17.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones preview
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones(2014)RHorror
A young California Latino named Jesse is marked for possession by the same malevolent demon who previously claimed Kristi and Katie.Cast: Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz
Audience Score: Spilled40%CriticsScore: Rotten!39%A change of setting breathes some new life into the franchise, but Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones fails to provide enough consistent thrills to justify a fifth film in the series.
HD Price: $5.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/All Movies)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Delivery Man preview
Delivery Man(2013)PG-13Comedy
An aging slacker and former sperm donor learns that he is the biological father of 533 children. After 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his true identity, he wrestles with the decision to make his name known. With a mob debt and a pregnant girlfriend who can't stand the sight of him, David is about to find that sometimes the best fathers are the men who seem the least fit for parenting.Cast: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt
Audience Score: Spilled49%CriticsScore: Rotten!38%It has an undeniably sweet charm, and Vince Vaughn is eminently likable in the lead role, but The Delivery Man suffers in comparison to Starbuck, the hit Canadian comedy that inspired it.
HD Price: $5.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/All Movies)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Saving Mr. Banks preview
Saving Mr. Banks(2013)PG-13Comedy
Walt Disney attempts to convince author P.L. Travers to let him adapt her book "Mary Poppins" into a feature film. Though the task seems impossible, Disney realizes that a sensitive chapter from Travers' youth could be the key to clinching the deal.Cast: Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks
Audience Score: Upright86%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!79%Aggressively likable and sentimental to a fault, Saving Mr. Banks pays tribute to the Disney legacy with excellent performances and sweet, high-spirited charm.
HD Price: $5.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/All Movies)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire preview
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(2013)PG-13Action
Katniss and Peeta sense growing unrest as they tour the country of Panem and prepare to participate in the 75th Hunger Games. Meanwhile, President Snow plots their downfall during preparations for the Quarter Quell, which only occurs every 25 years in celebration of the Capitol's victory over the districts.Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson
Audience Score: Upright91%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!89%Smart, smoothly directed, and enriched with a deeper exploration of the franchise's thought-provoking themes, Catching Fire proves a thoroughly compelling second installment in the Hunger Games series.
HD Price: $20.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
The Book Thief preview
The Book Thief(2013)PG-13Drama
A young girl moves in with foster parents in Nazi Germany and shares her love of books she's stolen along the way with the Jewish man who has sought refuge in her new home.Cast: Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson
Audience Score: Upright76%CriticsScore: Rotten!46%A bit too safe in its handling of its Nazi Germany setting, The Book Thief counters its constraints with a respectful tone and strong performances.
HD Price: $16.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Walking With Dinosaurs preview
Walking With Dinosaurs(2013)PGKids, Action
20th Century Fox presents this continuation of the BBC television series Walking With Dinosaurs with this live-action/CG-animated feature film. Neil Nightingale and Barry Cook handle directing duties.Cast: John Leguizamo, Justin Long
Audience Score: Spilled42%CriticsScore: Rotten!25%Walking with Dinosaurs boasts painstaking visual brilliance, but it's unfortunately clouded by a clumsy script that's dominated by juvenile humor.
HD Price: $17.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Dallas Buyers Club preview
Dallas Buyers Club(2013)RDrama
Oscar Winner. The true story of Texas electrician Ron Woodroof, who was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1986, and subsequently devoted his life to providing unapproved drugs and supplements to fellow HIV patients during an era when doctors were still struggling to understand the virus.Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner
Audience Score: Upright91%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!94%Dallas Buyers Club rests squarely on Matthew McConaughey's scrawny shoulders, and he carries the burden gracefully with what might be a career-best performance.
HD Price: $15.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Gravity preview
Oscar Winner. Two astronauts (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) find themselves stranded on a space station after a disastrous accident wipes out the crew and most of the structure. Alfonso Cuarón directs from his own script, which was co-written by his son Jonás Cuarón.Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
Audience Score: Upright82%CriticsScore: Certified Fresh!97%Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is an eerie, tense sci-fi thriller that's masterfully directed and visually stunning.
HD Price: $6.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/3D)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Homefront preview
Homefront(2013)RAction, Drama
A meth kingpin terrorizes an ex-DEA agent and his daughter after they move to a small town to start a new life.Cast: Jason Statham, James Franco
Audience Score: Upright62%CriticsScore: Rotten!42%While it boasts a capable cast, the disappointingly dull Homefront hearkens back to classic action thrillers without adding anything to the genre.
HD Price: $16.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Just In)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Thor: The Dark World preview
Thor: The Dark World(2013)PG-13Action
Thor must team up with his mischievous brother Loki in order to defeat a Dark Elf who's plotting to destroy all of existence. Meanwhile, his true love Jane Foster is possessed by a cosmic force.Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman
Audience Score: Upright80%CriticsScore: Fresh!65%It may not be the finest film to come from the Marvel Universe, but Thor: The Dark World still offers plenty of the humor and high-stakes action that fans have come to expect.
HD Price: $6.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/3D)
Price: $4.99 (Movies/All New Movies)IMDb
Man of Steel preview
Man of Steel(2013)PG-13Adventure, Action
After being sent to Earth from planet Krypton by his parents with a special object from his home planet in tow, Clark Kent grows up with the help of his earthly adopted parents and later assumes the identity of Superman and sets out to defend Earth from the villainous General Zod.Cast: Henry Cavill,Amy Adams,Michael Shannon,Kevin Costner,Diane Lane,Laurence Fishburne,Antje Traue,Ayelet Zurer,Russell Crowe
Audience Score: Upright76%CriticsScore: Rotten!56%Man of Steel provides exhilarating action and spectacle to overcome its detours into generic blockbuster territory.
HD Price: $20.99 (HD On Demand/Movies/Movies to Own/By Genre/Action/G-M)
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